Waste Management for Sustainable Development

EcoWASTE is designed to cover the entire solid waste management services and solutions required to address the dramatic increase per capita of waste production in the region and the new methods of reusing, reducing and recycling whilst maintaining a sustainable environment, in an effort to:

  • Help strengthen solid waste management efficiency
  • Spread awareness among communities to improve the quality of life enjoyed and expected
  • Address regulatory mandates developed with budget conscious, innovative and functional design solutions
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Solid waste in its different forms and components is a major environmental issue that receives a great deal of attention nationwide. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi has supported the establishment of several landfills that meet standard hygienic requirements.
Waste-to-energy has quickly emerged as one of the most attractive renewable energy options for the UAE, given its cost competitiveness and ability to ease the UAE’s urgent waste disposal challenges.
Most recent researches show that Abu Dhabi produces over 6 million tons of waste in total. This number is expected to reach 30 million tons if the growth of the Emirate is steady.
Preliminary estimates put the total volume of solid waste generated in the GCC region at around 120 million tons per year.